Welcome to The World is Our Neighborhood!


Hi, my name is Catherine Haala and it is with pleasure that I welcome you to the website of The World is Our Neighborhood (TWION).  

TWION is a volunteer  based (no salaries)  501C - 3 charity working with the poor, elderly, mentally and physically disabled.    We TEAM up with like minded individuals around the world to achieve mutual goals.    

TWION specializes in the relocation of FULLY FUNCTIONING ROOMS of used medical equipment, supplies and furnishings  from International Medical Equipment Collaborative USA (IMEC) to poor countries.  This “Green Project”, allows us to help create or upgrade the level of healthcare in  clinics, orphanages,  and hospitals around the world.   In many cases, equipment destined for the US landfills is given new life and helps to save lives in the process.  We call this project Medical Impact. Long-lasting friendships are developed based on accountability, trust and mutual goals.  No one at TWION takes a salary and we have minimal overhead costs. 

You can learn more about Medical Basics and other TWION projects by going to OUR PROGRAMS  and by reading  our NEWSLETTERS.

TWION projects include:

• Medical Impact

• Learning Impact

• Precious Lives

• Project USA

• Blankets for Babies

• Gifts of Love

• Soc’ it to ‘Em

TWION has opened my life to a magical world filled with love, joy, friendship, accountability, reality, passion & truthfully sometimes frustration.  I know that there is enough of everything in the world for everyone....enough food, clothing, shelter & medicine.   Ending poverty is not just about more money.  Being more accountable and spending our funds in a responsible and effective manner is key.  Putting money  into the hands of the wrong people can actually make things worse.   We must STOP paying people off and hold ourselves and each other accountable to do the right thing. 

Working in ALL aspects of our projects has given us the opportunity to see poverty from the inside out! Our efforts include:

  1. Project Assessment

  2. Setting up and working with in-country teams

  3. Project fundraising

  4. Medical equipment acquisition

  5. Working with freight forwarders on issues related to trucking and shipping

  6. Shipment legalization and customs clearance

  7. Delivery and installation of medical equipment

Working on these issues, allows us  to experience many eye opening moments, that for me, are a key to ending poverty.  It is my hope that one day all humanitarian shipments will be able to easily enter countries without delays, taxes, tariffs or payments of any kind.  Donations should go directly to those who are their rightful recipients without political gain.  While in some instances,  we still believe in “giving without strings attached”, much of our TRUE success comes when we work as a TEAM with  “strings of accountability”  attached for ALL of US!

I am grateful to all of you who have donated so generously to TWION.  Thank you for being a part of our TWION team.   Many of you can find your names on our TWION  PROJECT PLAQUES, “You are Magic” & “Imagine It” in school rooms, clinics, hospitals, vaccine facilities, orphanages and soup kitchens.

My Very Best Wishes,

Catherine A. Haala

The World is Our Neighborhood

founder & president